Financial Assistance, Scholarships and Bursaries

Financial Assistance to students through Centrelink

Eligible students, who are Australian residents, can apply to Centrelink for financial assistance through Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY. Visit Centrelink or call 132 490 for more information.


Each year there are a limited number of NIDA student bursaries to assist with living costs. These are allocated to students on the basis of financial need. The bursaries are made available through the generosity of donors to NIDA and from bequests.

Bursaries are paid on a fortnightly basis during the NIDA year, with the value of individual bursaries in 2019 ranging from $1500 annually to $4000 annually, depending on need and the year and course of study.

Details of the application process for bursaries are provided to students at the start of the NIDA year.


NIDA does not offer scholarships for tuition fees. Eligible NIDA students are able to access FEE-HELP for assistance with tuition fees.

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