Brooke Kiss

Brooke Kiss

Growing up in rural NSW, from a young age Brooke has always pursed her interests in the creative arts. She was heavily involved in local dance, music and theatre communities, both on and off the stage. Wanting to develop her skills further she travelled to Sydney to complete her high school education allowing her to specialise in theatre.

Brooke came to NIDA to develop her stage management and technical skills within live theatre. During her time here she has embraced every opportunity to develop these skills. She was a Student Council of NIDA (SCON) representative and took charge of many of their initiatives. She has also met a wonderful array of talented artists and made great industry contacts.

In her final year she has had placements with some of the most renowned theatre companies including Opera Australia, Sydney Theatre Company and the Gordon Frost Organisation. She has also immensely enjoyed working as a stage manager for Force Majeure and organising events and concerts with performers such as James Morrison and Thirsty Merc. 

Brooke is very appreciative of what she has learnt at NIDA and is excited to venture further into the industry next year.

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