Shakira Clanton

Shakira was born in Perth to Aboriginal Australian and African American parents. At an early age she wanted to become a singer, but after her drama teacher encouraged her imaginative self, she pursued her passion for acting.

In 2006, Shakira was accepted into the 12 month Aboriginal Theatre program at WAAPA. She then moved to Port Hedland where she worked with young people from remote communities using her drama training to build their confidence and capabilities. To connect with her father’s roots, Shakira travelled to the US and then continued her journey to Europe where she gained a world of experience. On returning to Australia she completed a Diploma at the Aboriginal Centre of the Performing Arts in Brisbane, closely followed by acceptance into the 2013 NIDA intake.

During her time at NIDA, Shakira has embraced her creativity as both an actor and writer. As her future unfolds she intends to develop independent work both for stage and screen in pursuit of telling her own stories in her own voice.

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