Josephine Starte

Josephine Sarte

Josephine grew up in south east and central London. Whilst studying English Literature at Cambridge University she played multiple lead roles in contemporary and classic plays. Upon graduation she was cast as the lead in New York director Charles Chintzer Lai’s film Blue Monday, which toured major international festivals and won the American NoBudge Independent award for Best Drama and Best Lead Female of 2013. Jill Soloway, director of Transparent, called it ’Very, very cool’.

She has performed professionally in numerous shows both in London and at Edinburgh Festival. Josephine is also a published writer and prize-winning spoken word poet, and whilst at NIDA was given the huge honour of writing the show Not Who I Was, alongside Kate Champion of Force Majeure. She also enjoys composing music (saxophone and voice), improvisation and comedy. She is a dual citizen (Australia/UK).

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