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The 2021 Open Day date will be held on 12 June 2021.

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In 2020, NIDA held its annual Open Day online. You can still access some of the resources created for this event below.

2021 Course Guide

Course videos

Student life

Student Council of NIDA (SCON)

SCON represents the students at executive meetings and acts as a conduit for discussion between the students and board members. They also provide students with the forum to discuss suggestions, problems or grievances that may arise whilst studying at NIDA, and provide moral, technical and legal support should the need arise. SCON is also here to bring the students of NIDA together - they host parties, dinners, trivia/move nights, and various other events throughout the year, including student festivals.

Mardi Gras

Student productions

NIDA has three production seasons throughout the year, with opportunities for students from different areas to practice their crafts.

Enjoy this extract from our 2019 production of Twelfth Night, or What You Will, directed by Jim Sharman.

The annual Festival of Emerging Artists features fully staged productions led by student creative teams - here are highlights from 2019.

How I Got Into NIDA webseries

In Conversation online talks

On 30 April 2020 we launched a series of weekly online In Conversation behind-the-scenes talks with a range of amazing artists, livestreamed on our Facebook page every Thursday at lunch time.

General information for prospective students

Interdisciplinary BFA Subjects

In the first and second years of the BFA, students of all courses and placed into interdisciplinary groups to study and collaborate in two subjects which cover the history of performance and ideas,contemporary performance practices  creative collaboration and devising.

Performance and Ideas

In these works students carry out an individual research project and extend their understanding of their chosen topic in to individual creative responses.

Dada poems, 2019

In tutorials students pose questions to each other for discussion and investigation based on the topics covered in the subject.

Tutorial questions

Introduction to Collaboration & Student Led Projects

This year  students collaborated in interdisciplinary groups to create a works which were designed to be engaged with  in a variety of ways online. Click below to access some examples of the works follow the links below....

Waiting for Disaster

Find Kevin Spiracy - Start your journey on the Facebook page.

Shaman Carl's Guided Palms

Have You Seen Celeste? - Begin your journey at this Facebook group.

Hell Tourism - With the whole world travel economy shot in the foot by the coronavirus, why not capitalise on this untapped market that all of us clandestinely crave to exploit: hell! Our project is a tourism website designed to exhibit the unbridled joy and wonder that a holiday in hell can bring for the whole family

Six Trees (Password: NotFunny2020) - Six Trees motivates its audience to learn the values of love, courage and true friendship in the process. Then to go out into the world, and spread their own love.

The True Story Project - Halle Fowler’s website is an exploration of shared experiences driven by stresses on the brain.

The Memory Collector

Affiliation - An interactive game exploring the illusion of choice. It questions whether choice or chance is what leads us to achieve our aims... or fail along the way

Untold Stories - Young people spend so much time on social media/ internet, they neglect to spend time hearing the stories and life experiences from their parents/ loved ones, especially those of an older generation. It’s only regretfully when that person passes, that people often wish they had known more about their lives.

8:20 - It’s Hugo Grey’s 25th birthday. His friends planned a beachside getaway for the weekend

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